Still Here!!!

Hello good people,

I would just like to say that Son of Son is still alive and kicking with a handful of new garments getting ready to go, the reason for massive period of stillness is that we have moved house and studio onto my boat!

that’s right, a floating, roaming studio, your clothing is being made all over the country from the canals and waterways of Britain!

Part of the current lack of communication is due to us not having set up a roaming internet service and partly to do with having much work to actually get the boats studio ready to use and buckle down for winter. we are still currently snatching web time when we can and part of me really loves not being ‘plugged in’.

we currently produce 100% of our own electricity and are moving to solar in the next month or so. this means that Son of Sons already green production is even better (still not very fast though)

A few new products are on the horizon including an all natural all tec, silk lined all black stealth cap code-named “the black death” or ‘the occult’ also the long-awaited wax cotton daysac/gym bags as well as a few other simple bags


If you cant wait then some new stock has arrived for a trial run at ‘shock and soul’ on camden passage in angle.


untill next time


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