New Breed Doubles and the Golden Brown cap

Sounds like a Harry Potter book right?

i made a prototype with the Golden Brown wool fabric, this one is top stitched to keep everything super neat, has thick laminated leather innards in the peak (re-cycled) so the peak stays stiff when you need it but is soft enough to squish up in a pocket or bag. it should age really nicely also, the liner is some awesome skull print superfine cotton but i don’t think the final run will have this (probably silk instead). This one is for a large head. There is a few little details i will change but not much.

Also as promised, more pictures of the new breed doubles, they seem to be perfect, I’ll admit that i made them from eye with out a pedal near me and was worried I would have to re-make them, that wasn’t the case, I think i have a damn good eye cause they fit perfect. They are pretty much the same pattern that everyone is using with the exception of them being made as two straps them bonded together, I have some nice ideas for the next pair that should make them even better. but i would like to point out that its unlikely that i will be selling any.


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