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Happy Shack,

920/921 stables market, london

Run by the amazing and eccentric Phillip Normal. He makes the most awesome and stupid-wonderful creations. recycling and re-birthing our childhood indulgences, a kaleidoscope of pop culture references, smushed, blurred and mounting each other. colours! my god the colours

I sell some of my hats and other outlandish creations through Phillip, he must be one of the few people in london willing to stock the more deranged side of Son of Son.

look out for McDonalds fabric, thunderbirds, hawiian surfing maddness and starwars all sewn by Phillips fair hands into pure fun.

Reversible cycling caps are the current order of the day. Phillip is getting new batches from me every week or so, I will be keeping some aside to sell online from my shop if your interessed!


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  1. Love all the colours in the photo!

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