Carts of Darkness


Just spotted this on the Mishka bloglin

Murray Siple, the filmmaker responsible for some of the most groundbreaking snowboard videos of the 90s, until a car accident made him a quadriplegic in ‘96, is back with his documentary Carts of Darkness. Siple hadn’t made a film in 10 years when he found his inspiration in the homeless community of the hilly regions of North Vancouver. ‘Round these parts, the homeless spend their days bottle-picking, getting drunk, and bombing down hills on stolen shopping carts. They weigh down the fronts with construction rubble, bottles, or whatever else they can find, use their feet to steer and brake, and flip off cars as they whiz by at around 35 mph. It’s a terrific look into an outlaw sub-culture who face hardships on the daily but still make it their business to race carts, howling FTW the whole way down. It’s only an hour long and it’s available free online, so why wouldn’t you watch it?”


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